About Torrence

Torrence can be described as innovative, creative, energetic and passionate when he is working on a project. His materials and products are professional, definitely changing how businesses and people view organizations. He is a rare treasure!
— -Executive Director; Social
Torrence Conaway has assisted me with the marketing, promotion and event management. Torrence’s work ethic is impeccable and his creativity is systematical and smart
— Director/Producer; Entertainment
Torrence Conaway has done exceptional work and has proven to be valuable in organizing and implementing our marketing and communication needs.
— President; Education
Throughout the years Torrence has handled the image of my brand as if it were his own.  I have entrusted him with critical and confidential information to promote my businesses. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone with aspirations of marketing.
— Owner/Entreprenuer; Services


Torrence Conaway


Torrence Conaway is a film producer, social entrepreneur and management leader. Torrence holds a bachelors degree in Finance and a master's degree in Management and Organizational Leadership. He has 10+ years’ professional experience in social-sector and has direct experience in group facilitation, case management, employee development, training and management. Torrence produces events and films that educate, empower and entertain through his personal development media company TORRENT STUDIOS and event production company Training and Motivation Center.