Business Coaching



Whether in person or online, these progressive trainings are designed to empower and educate leaders and future leaders of the 21st century to be successful in their businesses and or careers.  Schedule an training or a 1-On-1 appointment today.

Businesses and organizations

Marketing and Advertising Communication

This training presents an integrative approach to the creation, implementation, management and measurement of all of the ways in which an organization communicates with the public.

Training topics include: Integrated Campaigns, Websites and Online Marketing, Commercials and Branded Content, Social Media Marketing, Blogs/Vlogs, Event Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Management and Organizational Leadership

Focuses on knowledge and skills related to both leadership and human behavior in the workplace. Content includes both organizational behavior and leadership theories. Topics include conflict management, creativity, communication, problem solving, group roles, power, and team dynamics. Students practice, assess, and reflect on their skills as potential managers, learning their strengths and weaknesses in these key areas.


Socially Responsible Enterprises

This training explores the ways in which various types of business organizations are addressing the need for continuity between the social, environmental, and economic outcomes of business activity. In addition, social enterprises are explored as they become more vital to the economy.


People Management

This training focuses on setting goals and strategies, organizing diverse teams, leading and motivating members, and improving performance, as well as understanding the consequences of these actions on human behavior.




High school and college

Entrepreneurial Thinking

Concentrates on the variables required to be successful in starting a business. Topics include the profile of the entrepreneur, differences between life-style and growth-oriented entrepreneurship, teamwork in entrepreneurship, identifying a market and product to service, issues in family business development.


Career Management

Helping individuals explore and refine career aspirations. Topics include building relationships, updating your career development plan and setting new goals as life and career needs change, possessing skills related to job searching and managing career changes. 




1-on-1 Business Coaching


Business Ownership Program

·       Business Setup Consultation

·       Customized Business Startup Plan

·       Get Started Sales Guide

·       How To Marketing Guide and List

·       Extended Business Tips

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